Subtle Differences

Most of my artist statements mention “subtle differences” at some point.  Yesterday I stumbled upon a perfect illustration of this while comparing two African Iris (Dietes bicolor) clusters that my brother-in-law brought home from his florist job.  The blossoms on the left consistently have a wider margin of orange surrounding the dark spots on the petals.  The dark spots on the petals of the plant on the right tend to be somewhat rounder than those on the left.  These are the kinds of things I get excited about and I would go so far as to say these characteristics give each plant a distinguishable character.  This is also what makes my experimental animation technique of choice work.

African Iris shows up a couple times in my 2011 reel and I love how it looks like energy or some sort of atomic explosion.  When I finally decide the context in which I want to distribute these clips I’ll reference these associations somehow.  This plant is also sometimes called Peacock flower which reminds me of a youtube video I shared on Facebook a while back featuring the Peacock spider. The way Jürgen Otto discovered this creature hiking outside of Sydney reminds me of the way I search things out in my own artistic practice.

In my mind this is just as exciting as the birds of paradise footage from the BBC’s Planet Earth series. To get media straight from the source Jürgen Otto has a flickr stream ( and his own youtube channel ( You really don’t have to go far to discover new and interesting things.

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