Dandelion Free Culture

Recently impressed by Nina Paley‘s Rantifesto and Culture is Anti-rivalrous I’ve released another set of animated loops under a CC BY 3.0 unported license. I consider my first foray into free culture, “Highway Ice Plant” to be the modestly successful equivalent of dipping my toe in the free culture waters.

Inspired by fireworks from the 4th of July holiday earlier this month and the idea that fully embracing free culture would be comparable to the dandelion’s reproductive strategy (as acknowleged in this Cory Doctorow post from 2008) I rendered out several HD clips featuring this r-selected species and posted them to archive.org:


Below I have posted documentation of this set of visuals being projected in a marsh in Fernandina Beach, FL on a free standing screen. Many of these clips will be playing on the same screen at the Main Street Park in downtown Jacksonville, FL for the August 3rd art walk. If you’re in the Southeast US and would like to contract out the screen and any of my visuals to create alternative cinematic experiences that interact with elements like wind and water, let me know. Also, many of the animated clips featuring seed dispersal can be provided at much higher resolutions. Feel free to contact me if you have any special requests and we can work out the details.

Update: As always feel free to share what you’ve done with these clips and I’ll highlight or link to it on this website.

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