In a Landscape

Steven Speciale is an inspired music teacher and choir director at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. When I post my work to the Internet Archive I think of it being used for VJing or video remix though I always hold out hope that it could be used in education. Steven Speciale managed to combine all of the above in brilliant fashion. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone from LA, home to LAVA (one of the most established video art coalitions in the US), who is a mainstay at SoundWalk in Long Beach would make the most innovative use of the Dandelion Free Culture video loops to date.

Steven said that he created the video as a procedural example for his students but that they wouldn’t be replicating it exactly (the mark of a great educational exercise). The rolling of dice determined the timing and editing of the video that he created and set to John Cage’s “In a Landscape.”

I have recently read about the push to change STEM to STEAM, adding Art to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Having taken discrete mathematics in college I know for a fact that being exposed to something like die-randomized video editing in a creatively taught high school music course would have given me a really interesting frame of reference for similar, practical computer science and math concepts. For more proof that STEAM is already being implemented by Steven and some of the other faculty at Loyola High School through mature, cross-disciplinary collaboration that would be the envy of many practicing new media artists see his recent post on Fiskabur 2011.

It’s also really fun to have a poke around his vimeo channel and watch things like “Pure Data Bee Movie” (below) or see what he and his students have been able to do with the open-source reacTIVision framework.

Also, check out the LHSMusicClass youtube channel for the full Fiskabur 2011 playlist. I’m proud that my work could be used in even just a small part of this guy’s teaching.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. The inspiration for the video came from the beauty of your work. Thanks for sharing so freely. The loops are obviously the product of countless hours of work and are really beautiful and inspired.

    You are in my classroom too! You embody the open-source ethos for our students when you freely share and express gratitude. We have all benefited and are better because of it. Thank you!

    Steven Speciale

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