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Cinemovements and RFA

Top row: Spanish needle Bidens alba, Middle row: Firewheel Gaillardia pulchella, Bottom row: Snow squarestem Melanthera nivea At least half of the bios I write include some reference to the powerful experience I had as a child seeing Disney’s Fantasia … Continue reading

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Free Culture Dance Party

This exchange is from an interview with Regina Spektor that was on NPR last week. “CORNISH: When you mentioned being happy that people upload videos of your song, it’s almost the opposite of what most artists are saying now about … Continue reading

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Sea Monsters and South Carolina

It’s completely appropriate that the week before going up to Indie Grits Film Festival in Columbia, SC where Zombie Dragonfly Discotheque is playing in the Dark Side Shorts program a sea monster washed up on the nearest beach to my … Continue reading

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Epic Fantasy Adverts, Trend?

Recently I’ve come across something starring a Jaguar that I think is a 3 and a half minute advertisement for a watch (apparently detailing the brand’s history) and a similar length crazy vodka ad/music video that features a high stakes … Continue reading

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A Proper North Florida Weekend

This past Saturday with a little nudge from my sister I went down to the Fernandina location of the 6th annual First Coast Air Potato Round-up managed by Kathy Russell (a Wild Amelia Nature Festival board member). I feel like … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts

You know you’re in Florida when you’re sitting in a rocking chair in your living room and you look out the window to see an osprey fly by clasping a large catch perfectly aligned with its direction of flight. Then, … Continue reading

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Why – Early Inspiration

I might be at that stage in my career written about in books like Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” where I’m my own worst enemy. The release of one of my most interesting projects to date is impending. However, on several … Continue reading

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In a Landscape

Steven Speciale is an inspired music teacher and choir director at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. When I post my work to the Internet Archive I think of it being used for VJing or video remix though I always … Continue reading

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GTM NERR Brown Bag Recap

I wanted to thank the staff at the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve for inviting me to share my experimental animation with them and the reserve’s visitors. The facility is great for multi-media presentations and the questions from … Continue reading

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The Wizard Leaves the Curtain Open Now

The first time I saw anything resembling live animation I had stumbled across the work of Gregory Barsamian while browsing the Platform Animation Festival’s 2007 awards. I wondered what an award-winning, animated installation looked like and I was floored by … Continue reading

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