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Dandelion Free Culture

Recently impressed by Nina Paley‘s Rantifesto and Culture is Anti-rivalrous I’ve released another set of animated loops under a CC BY 3.0 unported license. I consider my first foray into free culture, “Highway Ice Plant” to be the modestly successful … Continue reading

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Neighborhood as Art (part 2)

Walking through the “Neighborhood as Art” exhibit on opening night several of the artists’ statements jumped out at me. The way in which their perspectives and inspirations so closely resembled my own made me feel like part of an established … Continue reading

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Neighborhood as Art (Part 1)

An excerpt from “Stone Flora” my contribution to “The Neighborhood as Art.” The full video is 4 min. 23 sec. long and set in the context of the Riverside-Avondale neighborhood it might be fun to go out and try to … Continue reading

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Pineland Hibiscus

Yesterday I had my first blossom on a twice transplanted Hibiscus aculeatus.  I originally found this Florida native plant growing in sandy soil at my family’s place on the Suwanee river.  It’s first location when I brought it back was … Continue reading

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Ground Cherry

Throughout high school and college anime series like xxxHolic represented the largest portion of my animation consumption. There are so many more options in terms of compelling sci-fi and fantasy genre storytelling that it actually represented the bulk of my … Continue reading

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Subtle Differences

Most of my artist statements mention “subtle differences” at some point.  Yesterday I stumbled upon a perfect illustration of this while comparing two African Iris (Dietes bicolor) clusters that my brother-in-law brought home from his florist job.  The blossoms on … Continue reading

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Drawing for Fun (or humanity)

For the past several years as my frustration with CD’s in sandy vehicles has boiled over I’ve been listening to a lot more public radio. Last weekend as I tracked back an inspiring interview with Mo Willems entitled “Getting Adults … Continue reading

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Red Mangrove

In Fernandina Beach, FL onshore wind events that last several days wash in some pretty interesting things from the gulf stream. Two years ago I found this Red mangrove propagule while collecting material for “Carapace and Shell” and some yet … Continue reading

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New Site and ‘Process’

This is the site I’ve been meaning to implement since last August.  I needed something easier to update than my own hacked together CSS.  I’ve used a child theme to modify the ‘Twenty Ten’ theme that new WordPress versions ship … Continue reading

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