“Pay what you want” – Digital Stills

Inspired by my willingness to part with what I thought was a reasonable amount of cash for the “donate what you want” digital version of Des Ark’s new WXDU V. 3. I’ve decided to make the thousands of unique images used in the creation of my short films and experimental animated loops available through my website.

How it works.

1) Make a donation using a paypal account attached to an e-mail that you check fairly often.

2) Either request a specific image from a particular film using time codes and/or descriptions for my own reference or leave the field that allows for special notes blank and enjoy a randomly selected image.

3) I send you an email with the attached image or (in the case of images in excess of 25 MB) a link to a dropbox download or private torrent.

These images will be unique to you and you’ll be able to use them for any purpose you can imagine: making an archival print, bragging about your share in ownership of one of my films, using the image as stock photography in some sort of web or print design context, making a t-shirt, sharing nature’s strange beauty with the world,…

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