“Zombie Dragonfly Discotheque” projected onto the facade of my home studio. Contact me if you’d like to commission a similar installation at your event or location.

My most versatile screen. Useful for outdoor, night events. It can handle winds up to 10 mph, over that it becomes a sail. It can be installed quickly anywhere with soft ground and is pictured here showing “Pollenating” in my garden.

Experimental botanical animation playing during the “Moonlight Walk” at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.

Video installation at the 2008 edition of Too Art 4 TV. Erebuni Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Shell and marine invertebrate animation installed at the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, FL

“Aesthetic Species Maps” showing at the 2010 edition of Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach, FL

Projecting onto the facade of the Hippodrome on the opening night of the Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival (now Cinema Verde).

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