Grow Worm – Sleeping People (Official Music Video)

A collective memory of growth as frantic, negative gravitropism. Everything rises from the earth and reaches for the sky. Shared fundamental structures and symmetries exist even among forces seemingly in conflict with one another. Shattered light bulbs are blossoming flowers, bundles of copper wires are climbing vines. A perfect hybrid between nature and technology is sought. Stop motion and digital compositing with the strings showing, the hands of the creator can be seen holding individual elements in place. Iridescent noise appears from the tremor of a heartbeat during a scanning pass. Dust inhabits nearly every frame. Shadows and reflections of light are unnatural and surreal due to the mechanics through which a scanner captures images.


Grow Worm - Ipomoea cairicaGrow Worm - Ipomoea cairicaGrow Worm - Ipomoea cairica

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