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  1. Cate Hurlbut (aka Dr. H, phd in zoology) says:

    hi – really enjoyed the show at the planetarium. noticed a slight error re your crab – be sure to put genus and species names in italics or underline. so, eg, Limulus polyphemus needs to be in italics or underlined.
    have you thought about the georgia aquarium? I know the science director from way back in graduate school…

    all the best
    cate hurlbut
    prof of biology (teach marine biology)
    florida state college

    • David C. Montgomery says:

      Thanks for tracking my site down and the tip. I’ll try and update my videos that identify species in the near future.

      I think my sister mentioned I should check out the Georgia Aquarium once. Do they have some of the local crabs like the Calico box crab, mottled purse crab, lady crab, or speckled crab in any of their aquariums? I actually have shells from all of these as well as two boxes of spider crabs (somehow these never really smelled).
      I’d love to work with them, I guess they’re even closer to home now with Marineland.

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